Saturday, October 29, 2011

Society of Environmental Journalists

The Society of Environmental Journalists had
their convention in Miami and one of the side
trips was a swamp walk at our gallery. We had a
great time meeting so many people who maintain
our freedoms by educating us through their
writing, photography and films. Hope to see
them all down the road of life again!

Our adventure with the Society of Environmental Journalists
started at the Everglades Restoration Tamiami Trail
Bridge being built east of the Miccosukee Indians.

Joe Browder and Clyde getting their hard hats for
the excursion into the construction site.

Clyde and the Secretary of Interior,
Ken Salazar

Secretary Salazar explaining the purpose of the
bridge and future plans to save the Everglades.
(Currently the road that crosses this area is
composed of fill and blocks the flow of water
south into the Everglades. The new bridge will
allow the water to flow naturally.)

Secretary Salazar surrounded by journalists
while explaining the project

Colonel Pantano of the Corps of Engineers
explaining the project of building the bridge

Isabelle climbing the ladder

Isabelle at the top

Clyde climbing the ladder

On top of the bridge...wonderful view!

Craig Pittman and Clyde discussing the Everglades
and Big Cypress National Preserve.
Clyde talking to the journalists after their
adventure on the bridge

Everyone adjourned to Big Cypress Gallery.

Clyde meeting with Franklin Adams and
Michael Grunwald, author of "The Swamp",
a great book on the history and environment
of South Florida.
BobDeGross, Chief of Interpretation and
Public Affairs, explains the ecosystem of
Big Cypress and why it is slightly different
than the Everglades system

Superintendent Pedro Ramos introducing Joe Browder
and Franklin Adams, two of the founding "fathers" of
Big Cypress National Preserve. They were able to save
this huge beautiful acreage by making compromises
that allowed the Indians, hunters and people who
lived here to continue to do so. The land was created
into the FIRST National Preserve...not a National
Park. However, to this day the misunderstanding
concerning the fact it is a Preserve and not a Park
has caused many miscommunication as to its use.

Bob DeGross leading a group into the swamp

Joe Browder (on left) anxiously awaits the
opportunity to get back into the swamp
while Isabelle explains a little about the
ecosystem before walking into the swamp

Isabelle leading a group into the swamp

Isabelle explaining how wonderful
the plant called Bladderwort is for
the ecosystem

Isabelle explaining the bromeliad

Taking photos

Bob DeGross leading a group through
the swamp

Bob answering questions

Superintendent Pedro Ramos and
Clyde hugging a cypress tree

Clyde with JoAnn (who organized trip)
and Superintendent Pedro Ramos

Taking a photo of a fisheating spider

A little bit of a closer view of the image...

A great meal was served to us by
Camellia's in Everglades City

A relaxing lunch under our new Chickee that
was built by our neighbor, Leroy Osceola

Bob DeGross, Jackie, Isabelle and
Superintendent Pedro Ramos

Our afternoon was brought to a close with
a talk by Franklin Adams.

It was a wonderful day...beautiful weather &
great people! What more could we ask for?!

Gallery in Moscow, Russia

Gallery of Classical Photography
Savvinskyaya nab, 23, block B

The Gallery of Classical Photography in Moscow, Russia has
acquired Clyde's photography for their new gallery. The gallery
exhibits only traditional film based photography:
Ansel Adams
Clyde Butcher
Jody Forster
Bob Kolbrener
Jeff Nixon
John Sexton
John Wimberly

This adventure with Clyde's work is amazing to us...and
gives us hope for a future where we can all work toward
accepting each other and our differences. It seems like
only yesterday that I was being taught to "duck & cover"
in preparation for an A-bomb strike during the
cold war with Russia...and now, here we are with
Clyde's images in a gallery in Moscow! Isn't life
an amazing and mysterious journey?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Labor Day Muck-About (swamp walk)

The joy of being with people who love nature
and enjoy life filled our hearts during the Labor
Day weekend swamp walks. This time of year the
swamp is lush, green and filled with water.
The environment is like walking back in time to
the beginning of earth. There is a peace that
fills my heart every time I enter the swamp.
I'm glad so many others have that joy too!

John discussing the water flow for
the Everglades and Big Cypress

Robbie found a lost soul/sole in the swamp

John discussing the ecosystem

John discussing the environment

Clyde with swamp guide, John Kalafarski,

Lunch under the chickee

Swamp guide Bob with his fiance Lynn


Pond Apple
(or swamp apple)

Rick explaining the importance
of Periphyton to the ecosystem

A brave swamp walker holding
Pariphyton in her hand! Born to
be a biologist?

Rick discussing the ecosystem

Rick pointing out an orchid

Tree Huggers

Thanks to you all for coming to the Muck-About!
If you discovered that Florida has a hidden
beauty that few people know about, share the
discovery with others. Let them understand
that our state is a special place and needs
to be protected.

Niki, Clyde, Rick Cruz and Leslie