Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We are very fortunate to have a wonderful group
of employees. Not only are they great to work with
but they also care about each other.
Teresa felt that Sandra should be honored as the
hard working employee that Sandra is, so Teresa
entered Sandra's name into 92.1 Lite FM in a
contest for the best employee...and Sandra won!
The folks from the radio station came to
the office and gave Sandra flowers and an
OFFICIAL certificate!
Of course we knew she would win because
she is a great employee and a wonderful person!

Cigar Orchid Swamp Photo Trip

Kevin, Clyde, John and Rick

Clyde had been wanting to return to this area
when the water was high, so when the "CREW"
said, "Let's Do It!"...off they went...!

Clyde setting up his camera...photo by Rick

As the guys were walking through the swamp Clyde
suddenly heard Rick yell at him, "Clyde, look out!"
Clyde looked down and about three inches from
his ankle was a giant diamond-back getting ready
to strike! Clyde quickly moved out of the way.
We have never had snake chaps in all the years
we've been out in the swamp, but after this close
call I'm sure we'll never go out without them again!

The above image of a diamond-back rattler was taken
by Rick on a previous hike. He allowed me to use it
so those of you who have never seen one would
know what I'm talking about.

Rick took this image of Clyde and did "his thing" to it.
I really like this one because it reflects the way that
Clyde sees the world around him...in black & white

Rick also took this image of Clyde and played
around with it...FUN STUFF!

Kevin took this photo of Rick and Clyde eating
their "vitamins"....M&M candy...

Ahhhh...nothing like a nice cool dip to relax in
the middle of the swamp....perfect end
to a perfect day.

Clyde Butcher....www.clydebutcher.com
Kevin Barrier...KevinWBarrier.com
John Brady...Timeandlight.com
Rick Cruz...RickCruzPhotography.com