Sunday, September 11, 2011

SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Labor Day Muck-About (swamp walk)

The joy of being with people who love nature
and enjoy life filled our hearts during the Labor
Day weekend swamp walks. This time of year the
swamp is lush, green and filled with water.
The environment is like walking back in time to
the beginning of earth. There is a peace that
fills my heart every time I enter the swamp.
I'm glad so many others have that joy too!

John discussing the water flow for
the Everglades and Big Cypress

Robbie found a lost soul/sole in the swamp

John discussing the ecosystem

John discussing the environment

Clyde with swamp guide, John Kalafarski,

Lunch under the chickee

Swamp guide Bob with his fiance Lynn


Pond Apple
(or swamp apple)

Rick explaining the importance
of Periphyton to the ecosystem

A brave swamp walker holding
Pariphyton in her hand! Born to
be a biologist?

Rick discussing the ecosystem

Rick pointing out an orchid

Tree Huggers

Thanks to you all for coming to the Muck-About!
If you discovered that Florida has a hidden
beauty that few people know about, share the
discovery with others. Let them understand
that our state is a special place and needs
to be protected.

Niki, Clyde, Rick Cruz and Leslie

MONDAY - Labor Day Weekend Muck-About (Swamp Walks)

Monday was another beautiful day...

Robbie became our chauffeur.
He had a ball running everyone
around the property in our new
electric cart. Here he is taking
Clyde up to the gallery.

Clyde signing books

A family who came prepared for
the mosquitoes! Good thinking!

Paul discussing the environment
with Duck Potato in foreground

Paul leading the group

At this point I let everyone pass and headed
back to catch the next group.

I found a great family group having
a pic-nic lunch

and then I headed back into the
swamp to catch up with whoever was
out there....
what I found was peace and


The trail. You can see the limestone
under the water. The reason the trees
are so short in this area is because
it is rock.

I finally found some folks enjoying the swamp
and joined Cody as he gave a swamp walk

Cody showing everyone the Periphyton
and explaining it's importance to the

Now here are two kids who are REALLY
prepared for the mosquitoes!

A great place for a family portrait!

John almost looks like the Skunk Ape peaking
through the bushes!

Jackie in the swamp with friends

So long to another great summer
swamp walk. It was wonderful spending
time with all of you out in the swamp
and talking with you in the gallery.
Share your experience with others to let
them know our environment in Florida
is something very special. THANKS!

We give a great big
to all of our swamp guides.
Their enthusiasm for the environment
and positive outlook on life makes
our time spent together one of joy
and satisfaction. We appreciate you!

John Kalafarski

John Schinault

Bob Nesmith, with fiance, Lynn - CONGRATULATIONS!

Rick Cruz

Brian Call

Paul Tilton

Cody Wishon

Rosie Markowski

Matt Parks