Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Book Signing at Big Cypress Gallery

Every year we have a book signing
at Big Cypress Gallery during
the Thanksgiving Weekend so Clyde can
personalize gifts for the Holidays.

Clyde signing books

Clyde with Allison Nist who wrote
the poem in our new book:
Big Cypress Swamp - The Western Everglades

Clyde signing book

One of our collectors who owns
Ghost Orchid and loves it so much
that she put a tattoo of the image
on her back, much to Clyde's amazement!

Clyde and his amazement at Kayla's tattoo

Heading home after a great three
days filled with wonderful folks!

New Book - Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades

Putting a book together and then
watching it come off the press is
always an exciting adventure.

This book is very different from all of
our other books.
The book has an introduction by Joe Browder,
one of the people who worked so hard to
save Big Cypress Swamp from development;
a poem titled: In The Fakahatchee by Allison
Nist; stories about each of the photographs; a
short history on each of the agencies that take
care of Big Cypress Swamp; another short story
on how we happen to have a gallery in the
middle of more than a million acres of National
Park lands; and, finally, a short story of the
creation of the film by Elam Stoltzfus on the
Big Cypress Swamp, in which Clyde is the host.

Clyde going over the first
set of "blue lines" for

Going over the second set of "blue lines"
before the book goes onto the press

Going over the pages as they
are being printed at Serbin Printing
in Sarasota

Clyde and the the magnificent
printing press...quite a machine...

Clyde on the printing press

Clyde signing books and feeling like
one of Santa's elves....

Lake Wales Art Council Exhibit

Historic Florida Architecture
American Landscape

Lake Wales Art Council
November 5 - January 8 2010
(863) 676-8426

Clyde's photographs from around
the country

Niki's work

Looking at Niki's handpainted photographs
of the historic architecture of Florida

Clyde signing books

It didn't take long for the folks to find
the wonderful food that was provided
for the evening.

The music provided was a wonderful soothing
addition to the evening event.