Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Myakka State Park

We spent an early morning at Myakka State Park
As we entered the park Clyde notice a beautiful
scene right in the parking lot! He always says you
don't get any extra points for being a mule...often
the beauty is right in front of you. You get points
for keeping your eyes open!

It seems like everywhere we turn in Myakka there
is a wonderful scene to photograph! We're looking
forward to spending lots of time here...

Kayla in the darkroom

Kayla and Clyde going over test strips

We spent the day with out grand daughter working
in the darkroom. It was a wonderful experience to
share what we love with Kayla.

Kayla enjoying the printing process

Niki and Kayla playing in the darkroom

We had a great day in the darkroom with Kayla.
She had lots of very good questions, and quickly
understood the technique of handling the prints.
Can't wait until she has some of her own to develop!

The Invasion of Paradise - Interview

Clyde being interviewed by Steven Peterson for his film titled The Invasion of Paradise. This is a film addresses the age-old conflict of man vs nature by investigating the ongoing saga of South Florida and the Everglades - a literal border between modern development and a vulnerable ecosystem.

Gallery of Classical Photography - Moscow, Russia

We are proud to announce Clyde's photography is now being shown at the Gallery of Classical Photography in Moscow, Russia at Savvinskaya nab, 23, block B.

Having Clyde's work in Russia seems amazing to us...seems like not to long ago we were in deep fear of each other and today Clyde is in a gallery in Moscow! Absolutely, wonderful and proof that if we try we can work together.