Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sarasota Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast

Albert Juerger, Executive Director of the
Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast
introducing Clyde
The Foundations office

Enjoying conversations on the front porch
surrounded by great people and
beautiful weather

Clyde signing books

and more books

Take Your Child to Work Day

Robbie was lucky for the "Take Your Child to Work Day"...
his parents and grandparents all work in the same
place, so he got to work with all of us!

Clyde, Robbie and Neal

Getting the chemicals ready

Neal & Robbie
What's a darkroom without a
yellow rubber ducky?

Clyde going over test prints
with Robbie

Developing a print

Jackie working with Robbie to design
the cover of our next book

Florida House - 2011 Distinguished Artist Award

Clyde was honored with the Florida House
2011 Distinguished Artist Award. We traveled
up to DC to receive the award where we met
the Trustees of the Florida House, members
of both the Florida House of Representatives
and our Florida Senators.

Every trip to DC is an educational experience
and this was no exception. We met a lot of
very influential folks and it was fun hearing
the variety of opinions from everyone.

Flor those of you who don't know what the Florida
House is: Florida is the only state that has an
embassy in DC...the Florida House. So, if you are
a resident of Florida and are traveling in DC
and would like a place to rest in peace and
quiet while you're seeing the sites, stop by
and enjoy the Florida House.

On our way into DC

Bart Hudson, Executive Director of the Florida
House presenting the Florida House
2011 Distinguished Artist Award to Clyde
Clyde & Niki with the
2011 Distinguished Artist Award

Clyde with our favorite Senator...Senator Nelson

The Florida House

The Florida Representatives from the House
and our two state Senators came and talked
to us. We were amazed that they found the
time because the final vote on the budget
cuts were going to happen the next day! It
was great to hear them express their opinions,
even if sometimes we didn't agree. It's fun to
see democracy in action.
Washington DC is always an amazing place
to visit. Every time we see our nations
capitol I am filled with pride. We had a
wonderful time.

On the way home we stopped by the
Boone Hall Plantation to see some
of the history of the old south.

Boone Hall Plantation is famous for
it's avenue of oak trees leading up
to the house

Clyde using my iPhone to take a photo

Looking down the oak avenue with
the plantation home behind us

Niki in the garden with plantation
home in the background

Beautiful flowers in the garden

Learning about the history of the
black community during the
slavery period

Clyde and Niki with an incredible oak tree

We took a tram tour of the property

A field of lavender in bloom

Azalea's in bloom everywhere

Darkroom Lecture

Since we have such a great time talking with
photographers, we decided to try something
new...a darkroom lecture that aims at
discussing the different aspects of photography.
We had a great turnout and Clyde enjoyed
the photographic conversations and questions.

Kissimmee Basin ~ The Northern Everglades

The documentary, Kissimmee Basin - The
Northern Everglades, is coming to a
conclusion. I can't wait to see the whole thing!
Elam has had some wonderful educational
experiences and wishes he could share all
of them with everyone, but he's going to do
the best he can within the hour format.

Clyde met Elam, Joe and Carlton Ward at
the Kissimmeee to film the introduction and
conclusion statements of the film. Clyde is
NOT an actor, so following a script was a
VERY BIG challenge. It took quite a while,
but Elam thinks that maybe...just maybe with
some editing, I might have succeeded,
otherwise I am up for a retake some time later.

Nevertheless, it was a great time to be outdoors
with great company. We had a good time together.

Elam Stoltzfus, award winning film
maker with Clyde

Enjoying some conversation time with
Carlton Ward

Putting the microphone on Clyde

Elam directing Clyde

Venice Gallery & Studio Open House & Lecture

The annual Venice Gallery & Studio Open House
and Lecture was a wonderful success. We had a
great time visiting with the many folks who
had never seen Clyde's work. It's always fun
sharing Florida with people who love Florida!

Venice Gallery & Studio

Clyde signing books

Neal giving a talk about the darkroom

One of our neighbors loaned us the use
of their building for the lecture.

Paul Tipton, one of our very talented
employees, exhibited some of his
black and white work

Neal discussing the darkroom

Marco Island Historical Museum exhibit & lecture

Marco Island has a long and ancient history
and is well known for their Calusa Indian
mounds. The completion of their new Historical
Museum is a tribute to the people of Marco Island
and their dedication to the importance of history
for their community. We were very proud to
have an exhibit and lecture at the new Historical
Museum. We had a wonderful time meeting
so many new people.

Allan Sandin - President Marco Island
Historical Museum, J. Robers - musician,
Clyde and Greg Glover

Allan giving introduction

J. Roberts giving us a wonderful
musical introduction


Book signing

Clyde signing books

Clyde & Niki ~ a talk in the swamp

Very often folks come up to us and say
that there are always to many people
around us at events, so they never get
to talk with us. So, we decided to try
something we've never done before...
an informal "howdy" with everyone.
We made ourselves available to answer
any questions that were on folks minds.

We had two groups, morning and
afternoon. They had a fountain of questions.
We covered photography, the environment
& philosophy. We had a great time and
it was great fun.

Donna signing everyone in

Our shaded get together in the swamp
behind the gallery

After the talk was over Clyde
joined everyone in the gallery
for a book signing