Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Book Signing at Big Cypress Gallery

Every year we have a book signing
at Big Cypress Gallery during
the Thanksgiving Weekend so Clyde can
personalize gifts for the Holidays.

Clyde signing books

Clyde with Allison Nist who wrote
the poem in our new book:
Big Cypress Swamp - The Western Everglades

Clyde signing book

One of our collectors who owns
Ghost Orchid and loves it so much
that she put a tattoo of the image
on her back, much to Clyde's amazement!

Clyde and his amazement at Kayla's tattoo

Heading home after a great three
days filled with wonderful folks!

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dkchristi said...

I think you might enjoy Ghost Orchid, a recently released novel by D. K. Christi inspired by the ghost orchid of Corkscrew Swamp. A story in which the ghost orchid is central to a family's love, lies and redemption is set in the Everglades; the descriptions take the reader on their own journey in search of answers.