Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time to Photograph!!!

Once again we ventured down the boardwalk at Mahogany Hammock in hopes of taking a picture of the GREAT tree. However, the wind was still too much...

With disappointment, we returned to the parking lot and was thrilled to see the Southern Cross Astrological Society setting up their equipment in the parking lot! ...and I thought Clyde had big cameras! Clyde enjoyed talking with Tim Khan and going through some of the photos he had taken. They were marvelous! Those images made me feel very humble...we humans are such a small part of the universe ...

As we were admiring the equipment, Eric and Katy Raits walked out of the woods! Eric had purchased a new 4x5 camera. Now HERE was a camera Clyde understood! He and Eric had such a great time talking that Eric invited us to join them the next day at one of there favorite Cypress domes .

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chap22 said...


Stephen Chapman here, I really enjoy reading about your travels and adventures. Clyde has definitely inspired my photography about 5 years ago. I live in GA and I am glad to say that I have B&W hardcover book of images from Georgia coming out in one year. www.bullseyephotography.net
Thank you for your inspiration!!!
Best regards,
Stephen "Cactus" Chapman