Sunday, June 20, 2010


If you are using digital equipment in your
photography, learning the tools of
PhotoShop will help make a better
photograph. However, the real secret
to a great photograph is you. Making your
photograph a reflection of your own creative
vision is accomplished by your personal
utilization of the tools you will learn
in this DVD:
PhotoShop Made Simple

This is not an Adobe PhotoShop workflow
workshop, nor is this workshop highly technical.
I have an analog mind in a digital world so it
took me quite a while of playing around on my
computer before I found an easy way to
create techniques that resemble the same
thing I do in my darkroom.

The creative process is a series of decisions of
how to use the tools. In this DVD I will explain
the tools I use and how they work. You will
also see some of the creative decision I make while
utilizing the tools and some of the creative
decisions to change my mind
and try something else!

Elam filming Clyde for the DVD

Clyde getting ready to scan one of his negatives

Clyde working on one of his negatives

Clyde explaining his techniques to
workshop students

You can order the DVD through my website
for $95 + shipping

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