Sunday, June 20, 2010

Workshop: Clyde & Jeff Ripple

Award-winning large-format photographers,
Clyde Butcher & Jeff Ripple, gave four two-day

On the first day of the workshop
Jeff led the students into the wilds of Florida
to capture images. On their second day, the
students brought their images into Clyde's
studio where he shared some of the secrets
he employs using PhotoShop on the digital
versions of his black & white images.

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We met Jeff at Port of the Islands at
"dark O'clock", as Jeff puts it...
and then headed off to the Look Out
Tower at the Ten Thousand Islands
National Wildlife Refuge.

I, Niki, joined Jeff with his first group
so I could record their experience. If
you should decide to join us on one of
these excursions, you'll have an idea of
what both Jeff and Clyde does.

Enjoy the photos...

Lookout Tower with full moon
setting into the wetlands
Ten Thousand Islands
National Wildlife Refuge

Capturing an image of the full moon
setting over the wetlands

Jeff discussing photography with student

Jeff working with student

Catching the sun coming up
over the horizon

Jeff helping a student

Heading down the road to see what
else there is to photograph

Jeff leads everyone out into the wetlands

He lost his sole in the Everglades...

Photographing birds

Photographing butterflies

After we finished photographing
the Refuge, everyone adjourned
for a short break to have breakfast,
and then we met at the Port of
the Islands Marina for the trip
out into the Ten Thousand Islands.

Heading out into the mangroves
with Captain Richard

Unloading students and equipment.
After the boat unloaded everyone, it left the
area so that it wouldn't be in any one's photo.

Just to let you know, I worked at getting
people into the photographs. I also took
plenty of photos for myself with no one
in the image...just don't want you to think
there are so many people that they get in
the way...plenty of opportunity to take
photos without people in them!

Jeff working with student

Just for fun...a different angle of view

Meandering through the backwater and mangroves

Stopping on an island for lunch
before we head out to explore
the island with our cameras

Photographing wildlife...well, kind of wild...

Horseshoe Crabs mating

Photographing seed pods

Seed Pod

Photographing flowers

Photographing textures

The end of a fun day photographing...

We had dinner with each group at the
Havana Cafe on Chokoloskee. The
owners, Carlos & Dulce, fed us well
with very good food!

Jeff and his "meager" portion of food...HA!
I have never seen so much food on one plate,
and it didn't matter who ordered what, the
servings were giant and the food was great!

Clyde giving introduction to his techniques

Clyde helping student

Clyde helping students

Lunch time

Getting ready to print a students image

Unfortunately, we only photographed
one group from all the folks that
attended the workshops...we were
so wrapped up in the art, that we
forgot to do the others!

Packing up finished photographs
to take home

Clyde, Jeff and I had a great time with
everyone and are looking forward to
the next workshop...keep an eye out on
our website and facebook fan page
for the next one...see you there!

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Maxis Gamez said...

What a lovely experience a workshop would have been with everyone.

Do you know the name of the key you guys visited? Looks like a wonderful place.

Thank you for sharing. Love the blog!!