Sunday, June 20, 2010

Solar Panels

We have had solar panels installed in
our home by SureTemp. They did a great
job and immediately
responded when we had questions.

We purchased 4000 watts of solar
panels, and a solar hot
water heater system.

The electricity it generates does NOT go into
a battery. It goes into the grid, so
Lee County Co Op Electric put in
a special meter. When we produce
electricity it calculates what we
make and subtracts that from what
we use, then bills us.

In May our electric bill was $20!!

The panels cost $34,000
We received $10,000 rebate from
the Federal government. We are
suppose to receive another
$14,000 from the state. However,
I understand that we are being
held hostage to our elected
officials...if we allow for drilling
off shore of Florida, they'll release
the money...mmmmm...wish
someone would verify that for me.

Anyway, thus far the panels have
cost us $24,000. If we get our
state rebate, they will have
cost us $10,000.

However, beyond all of the financial
aspect, just knowing that I'm
cutting back on the use of oil
makes me feel good. I'm not
supporting the Muslim oil world,
I'm not damaging the environment,
and I still have electricity.

If you'd like to put up solar panels,
or even just solar hot water
(hot water consumes a lot of electricity)
we had such a good relationship with
SureTemp that we have no
problem recommending them.
They are based in Ft. Myers,
but work all over the state.
They now have a program of
leasing the panels...check it out:
800 535-6800

Putting solar hot water
heater panel onto roof

Getting solar panels up onto roof

Solar Panels on roof


Edward said...

Home solar panels are the desirable solution for anyone willing to substitute the polluting energy created by fuel-supplied energy plants with green and renewable source of energy.

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denise ann lee said...

Solar things are always costly... You can use concave mirrors and concentrate the heat and heat what and then steam ll be formed and then steam directed to turbines, there you go generating electricity with out solar panels...

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